Fails stopped this weekend, and now Reason 2.5 and Live Lite 8.4 are working as Rewire slave applications to Tracktion 2. Since my job provided me with a new MacBook Air, I wanted to use Live on the faster machine.  It definitely  responds faster than on my old single-core 867Mhz Ti PB, but Tracktion 2 won’t run on the new machine (icon shows up with a slash through it), and can’t even install my copy of Reason because it doesn’t have a CD Drive…not that I’m expecting that to run either. It seems these older applications don’t like Intel processors… Tracktion 4 has just come out, but apparently the demos I downloaded have Rewire bugs.

So I tried rewire on my G5 Tower using OS 10.6.3, 10.6.8 and Tiger (10.5). With 10.6.8,  Tracktion recognized Live just once, but no sound came through. On a whim, I installed the Live 9 demo, which fucked it all up. Now all I get is an error saying something like  “Rewire device unavailable.” Reinstalling the applications and the latest version of Rewire didn’t help. With Tiger, I got the same result. However with 10.6.3, I could at least choose Live as a Rewire slave app, there was no sound. So I went back to the trusty old Powerbook with a Rewire v1.7 installer, and finally got all three apps working at the same time. Previously Rewire v.1.4 was there after I reinstalled Reason 2.5. So that worked, but not Live Lite 8.

Watching the three applications running and communicating seamlessly at the same time on my  10-year old machine was really amazing, especially considering Live Lite 8 isn’t supposed to even run on anything slower than a 1.25Ghz Intel processor. However it is still frustrating that I can’t use these apps together on either of the dual-core machines in my possession now. It was also a wake up call for how ignorant I am about Macs. Also, the solution was the obvious one, so it depresses me that it took so long for me to get around to trying it. However, it does reinforce my resolution to use the old Powerbook exclusively for music (not for games, porn, P2P and family abuse) as I had intended when I purchased it.



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