Killer Rock

Pop music works like this: you see/hear a song on and the artist(s) look cool, and maybe their song is good, too. Maybe it’s awesome, and you go out to buy the album. More likely, you wait a few more months and then forget about it. Somewhat less likely, you hear another song that’s as good or better that convinces you to buy the whole album.

This is what led me to buy the Killer’s second album, Sam’s Town. Recently, I saw the video for “Read My Mind”, and was impressed that the song used a diminished chord in the chorus. So when I found the album for 800yen in my local used bookstore, I took a small risk and bought it. Rather than listen to the whole thing, I previewed it on my new Koss Porta-pro headphones, starting with Read My Mind. Not impressed.

The next day I gave it a proper listen on my stereo, and track# (When You Were Young) rocked me like a hurricane. This was partly due to a trick of the album’s sequence. Track#2 (Enterlude) sounds like a mellow piano intro to the song, being in the same key. Without that, I probably would have dismissed it as another cliched ridden piece by a band that wears its influences on its sleeve.

Unfortunately, the Enterlude and Exitlude at the end is the mark of a concept album, and this one isn’t consistently good. There’s a good rocker and and some decent anthems, and some interesting filler but it doesn’t flow. So I just set When You Were Young to repeat. Because of that one track, I don’t feel it was a waste of money, especially considering I got it cheaply used.


One Comment on “Killer Rock”

  1. より:

    Not a musician, dude (aside for my bamboo yew’s harp strummin’), but I just love Sam’s town…that Flowers guy said it’ll be the biggest album since Abbey road, which is a bit too much and arrogant, but few songs are great, you already named 3 of those…


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