Wednesday’s gig requires a wah-wah pedal for some awful 80’s Japanese disco tune that my wife had already learned to hate in elementary school. As a result, I had to rearrange my pedal-board like so:

 I’ve had this Vox V847 since I was 17. Until I can afford a new one, I’m experimenting with some modifying this one. I replaced the switch myself to make it true-bypass, and tried a new potentiometer a few months prior. It felt bumpy so I put the old one back inside. It’s scratchy after 16 years, but I fixed that with some contact spray. Still, I want to try a different replacement pot, and then mess with the resistors and other components to get more bass and slightly less Q so it doesn’t distorts at certain points in the sweep.

Before I get to that, I need new patch cables for my pedal board — or at leat for this configuration. You can see in the photo that some the cables are actually above the pedals, and they get in the way. I’ll buy a bunch of shorter ones for Wednesday’s gig.

Unfortunately, the wah-wah pedal is heavy, and exacerbates the stress on my shoulder when carrying it in the soft case. It might be time to get the backpack attachment by Wednesday, too. To cope with the weight, I also considered leaving the Tubeman and Echo Park behind. After the wah, these are the heaviest stompboxes and also the ones that require the power supply. So if I eliminate them, I can eliminate the power supply. Unfortunately, the Tubeman sounds too damn good. Maybe I can skip the delay this time…



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