For my gig tomorrow, I must have dropped more than $100 on gear. Most of it was for accessories like strings, connectors, cables, a power supply and a soft carrying case for my stomp boxes . Today I went just a bit overboard and got a used Guyatone Wah Rocker. I’ve wanted one of these ever since I went into a studio to test the Robot Factory Meatwad. There was a WR-2 sitting on a rack just outside the entrance to the studio. So I grabbed it, plugged in and really enjoyed myself. It sounds almost as good as the Meatwad, but only has two knobs. Fortunately, it sounds nearly perfect — responsive, slow-sweeping, thick and balanced. My only complaint is that the bass can get to be too much when the filter sweeps the bottom. I justify this expense because it takes up less space on my new pedalboard, and less time to tweak. All of my recent purchases do this really. It’s not as exciting



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