Nah, better to draw a hard line between personal and private (though lots of posts from this and other blogs will be recycled in the new blog. Better to reserve this one for stuff like going to out to sessions with my Dad while recovering from a cold and without having touched my guitar in days and then forgetting the melody and changes to Things and Anoza Yuu on the bandstand. It didn’t help that the rhythm section didn’t know the classic bebop intro to Things. My solos were swinging though, because I could hear the changes, even if I forgot them by name.

My GB-10 sounded great, too — better than Peter’s, actually. His was feeding back, but we couldn’t figure out why. His guitar had a fresh set of flats strung a bit tighter and higher than mine. I doubt that would make a difference. When I joined him to play Tenor Madness, I noticed he was plugged into the HIGH input on the amp. Since the pickups on the GB-10 are so hot, I plugged into the low input. That certainly might make a difference. I didn’t notice whether Peter plays with flat or crooked fingers. Flat-finger players dampen the lowers strings more often, which would also make a difference.



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