A week after arrival, the Vintage Vibe pickups are in my G&L Legacy. I’ve been dreaming about these for months, and I’m not disappointed. The high end on these pickups is beautiful, and they sound warm without being boomy or muddy. Still, after trying it out through my new headphone amp and H&K Tubeman, I felt the sound was a bit too fat at high gain. Fortunately, you can swap bar-magnets with these pickups and customize the sound.

During installation jack wire severed from the ground plate, the leads were too long to fit in the cavity and I wired the pickups in reverse again. After fixing these things, I used the opportunity to swap the magnets while the pickguard was removed. I replaced the Alnico II in the bridge with Alnico III, and put Alnico II’s instead of V’s in the neck. The middle sounded fine with Alnico III’s so I left it as is.

The swap gave me a sweeter clean sound in the neck, a harder sound with hi-gain at the bridge AND better cut coil sounds. Just for an experiment, I will try Alnico Vs in the bridge and III’s in the neck, and then maybe V’s in the middle. First I have to test it through my Mesa/Boogie tomorrow at Blues Tsuki. Then I’ll be able to evaluate the current configuration. However, I think these pickups will save me parting with this guitar for a few more years. Let’s make it 20.




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