Bad boy been out three nights aw’ready dis week. Monday’s gig was followed by a “hanseikai” (relection party in Japanese) with Dreamin’ Yoko’s band the 000000’s. Yoko’s father runs a Chinese restaurant near Tokyo Dome, so we had the party there. Obviously he’s cool since he doesn’t seem to take issue with his son’s sexual preference, but just how cool I didn’t know until he introduced us to a nice bar with instruments layed out on the 2nd floor. We had an improptu session with him. So for the second night in a row I found myself playing Feel Like Making Love and One Note Samba.

The night after that I got treated to see Raphael Saddiq at the Blue Note. Seeing such a fantastic show following my mediocre show really put things into perspective. Near the end, I realized that there are three types of live music: 1. Lousy ones where I want to get up on stage because I know I can do better. 2. Great ones that make me want to go home to practice and compose. 3. Trancendant ones that I hope never end and take me to an elevated spiritual level.

As of yet, the third type only exists theoretically, but spiritual I know it must exist in a phyiscal phenomenon. Psychologically, I know that it is harder to find because of my musician’s urge to scrutiniuze, particpate, perform and create.



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