Things I regret about last night’s session include:

1. Calling the Chicken instead of Cantaloupe Island.
2. Putting stiff, coarse, nasal sounding GHS strings on instead of soft, pliant Thomastik-Infelds.
3. Not clipping my nails before playing.
4. Inviting my good friend to an event where I didn’t have time to chat.
5. Correcting the manager about paying me when I had already agreed to play for free.

Things I don’t regret:

1. Skipping dinner altogether.
2. Lugging my Mesa/Boogie to the gig.
3. Not changing shirt after lugging my amp.
4. Inviting my co-workers.
5. Not paying for my three shots of scotch.

Note: The hardest thing about last night was inviting my co-workers and performing for them. Playing music is really an intimate thing for me, so it’s more than just sharing my hobby. I’m exposing myself. Now I can’t go back to work and be a grumpy asshole. That would be like having sex with a colleague and then ignoring them the next day (which is actually considered good manners here.)



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