Somebody put gum on my bicycle seat when I parked it at the station. Other than that, the last 12 hours has been great. After work, I headed into Tokyo for Peter Montgomery’s session at Bunga. When I arrived, it was just his trio so I was thinking I could get a private lesson from him. Some other musicians showed up soon after, but Peter was really cool and invited me to share the stage with him for Tenor Madness, Stella by Starlight, Feel Like Makin’ Love and Just Friends.

Getting to see a real jazz guitarist like him perform up close like that was a great experience, but I think he was also trying to keep me away from the ladies! As distracting as they were to my eyes, I was able to focus my ears and let my ideas flow, especially with a little help from some scotch. I had such a good time that I abandoned my original plan to leave early to get some Jiro Ramen. Yesterday’s curry was just fine instead.



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