Shinjuku station sucks at rush hour, but once out into the city it’s really alright (if a bit smelly.) I had to go up there for a rehearsal with the okama’s band last night. The humidity tired me out pretty quickly, so I couldn’t run up the escalators two steps at a time.

We got two new tunes to learn for tonight’s gig. They’re both much better than the stuff we did for the last one where we played chin-chinmeny chin-chin cheroo. I wanted to practice when I got home, but I was completely exhasted and had to be at work by 7:30 today.

My gear sounded great. I put the Thomastik strings on again — expensive but definitely worth it. The Boss PH-1 I found in the trash sounded great, too. That one’s a keeper. This time, I used my H&K Tubeman as a pre-amp through the line-in of the Roland JC-120 in the studio.

The trouble is it had TWO inputs in stereo, and I only got sound coming out of one speaker. This one seemed like an older model, though. According to the manual I found on the web, one of these is a mono input on newer ones. Hopefully that’s what I’ll be plugging into tonight!



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