Switching my bank accounts for direct payment of utilities is proving very troublesome. They have rejected my applications on account of little details like my signature, my hanko, my name in katakana and bank code crossed out. Today I applied to the gas co for the third time. Hopefully I got it right, but I smudged hanko ink all over my Uniqlo khakhis. No worries — I got a new pair for 1990yen on my lunch break. However, my half-black-butt is a bit big for the 76cm waist and the 79cm waist looks stupid despite the comfort and flexibility. There was also a slim-fit version of 76cm which I could barely walk in, but it looked kinda cool in an pencil-leg-punk kinda way. I’m breaking in the 76cm now, but I can barely fit my wallet in it. Does anyone know a good tailor, or brand with in-between sizes?




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