As soon as I heard the violins playing minor thirds, I knew T4 was not going to be all I hoped. Instead of the though provoking time-paradox I was expecting, I got a collage of Wolverine, Transformers, Robocop2, Anaconda, Matrix, and several Vietnam war movies. If the makers were trying to be ironic by piecing together a Frankenstien-monster of a movie like the Marcus character, all they really accomplished was creating an abomination. During the death scene at the end, I hoped that it wasn’t really Christian Bale’s career on that table but Common’s only other line in the movie (“It’s gonna be OK…It’s gonna be OK.”) was not at all re-assuring. I’m actually relieved I missed the late-show, got a refund, and watched it as a Mexican video-cam bootleg my friend downloaded instead.



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