A trip to Akihabara is always fun, but I’m afraid I wasted an afternoon there. The parts I picked up did nothing to improve the condition of the gear on my workbench. I’ve had these boxes for years now, and despite all my research, analysis, shopping and soldering; I simply don’t have the knowledge and skill to restore them completely.

Take the LRBAGGS Mixpro: I found what should be a direct replacement for the volume control. It powers up, but still no sound come out. Probably it needs to be soldered in, but the lugs are so small and close together I don’t think I could do it without causing a short or damaging the traces on the circuit board (which I think I already did the last time I tried to replace it.)

Then there’s the Boss CE-1. Over the last three years, I’ve scrubed it down with a toothbrush, replaced broken switches, placards, knobs, rubber feet, a pot and a transistor. It powers up, but won’t switch to Normal mode. Even though it makes that great Andy Summers tone, I don’t want to lug it AND an effects loop to take it out of my signal. (Do I? It sure sounds pretty.)

Ironically, yesterday a nice old man in a stall took the time to mark specialty shops on a map of the area for tourists. None of those shops was on there. His kindness gave me chills, but after seeking them out, I realized I’d already been to all of them and also that the vendors around here are starting to recognize my face. At the time it occured to me that I have lots of time and brains to learn to make a little money doing this, but now I question whether this is true.

Maybe it’s better to cut my losses, sell this stuff as “junk,” and let someone else who knows what they’re doing fix it up and make a profit.




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