Three discoveries:

Discovery#1- After geeking out and watching three episodes of the Sarah Connor Chronicles every night, I understand why she gets second billing to the Terminator. The show suffers from the same lameness that all movies adapted for TV shows do (exception: M.A.S.H., Odd Couple) being that anything on Fox is lame to start with (exception: X-Files) . What got me watching it is my great love of time paradoxes, cyborgs and AI’s. Summer Glau is pretty good as the latter. Watching the emotional development of her Terminator is interesting, an she’s alot cuter than Brent Spiner. Anything can happen anytime in Star Trek, like Lt. Data’s “emotion-chip.” However, the comparitive crudeness of the terminator makes you wonder how real her emotions are and how far they will develop. Even more impressive is Garret Dillahunt plays FIVE DIFFERENT ROLES over the course of 2 seasons, and is convincing and entertaining in all them: robot white man, B-movie actor, Beastmaster, cunning predator, childlike AI. It’s ironic that the other actors playing the “humans” in this show were incapable of that (exception: Stephanie Jacobsen -rrrrr!)

Discovery#2 – About three years ago, I acquired a broken Boss CE-1 on eBay. I’ve been trying to fix this hunk of junk to resell. The final obstacle was cleaning the chassis. I let it sit in my closet for MONTHS before using an old toothbrush to scrub it down occured to me. It looks much better now.

Discovery#3 – On the D-G-B strings in the middle of the guitar, I worked out an exercise for playing different types of minor scales inside a 4-fret radius. These are all just one-octave using one finger per fret. It’s usesful as finger training through one of the trickest parts of the guitar, and also is an easy way to compare visually and aurally the subtle differences between different minor scales, modes, diminished and diminished-whole tone (aka Super Locrian.) Many of these scales only differ from another by a half step (e.g. harmonic minor/natural minor, natural minor/phrygian, phrygian/locrian, locrian/super locrian, etc.) The exception is the diminished scale which is different in construction and sound, and much more useful than the others. So really, this excercise is about helping me to learn the diminished scale.



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