Here is a reBlog from Xanga:

The Chords that Were Never There

It baffles me how I couldn’t come up with any decent ideas to play over those two bars in Valdez in the Country that go F#9-F9-E9. So I played ii-V7s and it sounded like bebop – not the effect I was looking for so I put the guitar down and sat on the couch. That’s when I remembered a sequence of chords I tried to play when I was transcribing the tune:

|Ab7b5-G7-|Gb7 aug.—|

These chords are just a whole-step up from the correct chords, and share the tri-tones. I read about this trick, but could never use it until I realized that I heard it. So I played those chords instead of F#aug-F13-E7 and suddenly it sounded good.

Why bother with the chords that are already there?



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