Eddie sent me a long list of standards to learn by our session at Blues-Tsuki on the 25th. When you say “session” in Japan, it’s used as an abbreviation for “jam session. ” However Eddie has warned me that this is not what this will be. It’s really a stage-test for me to see if our styles are “stylistically compatible.” I’ve been trying to convince him that they are, despite my preference for more modern and danceable jazz. After all, I played with him in his club every Friday for 6 months, and before that at Crossoroads in New Jersey. Nevertheless, he says that my repetiore of standards is not enough– in otherwords, I still have some dues to pay before I can be considered a “serious jazz guitarist.” This is the whole point, of course. My heroes George Benson and Pat Martino both cut their teeth and debuted professionally with organ trios, so I want to put myself in a similar situation. Only the chittlin-circuit is long gone, and so is Eddie’s Lounge so I have to create the situation for myself now. I’m hoping we can continue these sessions every Monday night or every other Monday. First I’ve got some homework to do…




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