They’re not major discoveries, but many little ones plus great weather make for happy days:

-A conveyor sushi restaurant about 10 min. away by bike means I’ve been eating well within my new budget. The ride there and back is very nice, too. Yet no matter how slowly I chew, I get sleepy after eating it.
-Japan raised beef practically melts in your mouth, but I’d really rather chew it (with beer).
-Turning my amp‘s volume down to “1,” stuffing pillows in front of the speaker, and the connecting the slave output to my Korg Px4 with some cab simulators increases my time and enjoyment practicing into the wee hours.
-My proofreading skills are not as hot as I thought, but still quite good.
-Finding an excuse to annoying my boss everyday with some minor issue is having an effect.
– My wife’s credit card debits my back account 2 months after her purchase — not one.
-Different branches of Kuroneko Yamato Takkyubin charge different rates!
Finale Notepad 2009 is NOT free like the previous versions.
-Ejaculating is like temporarily castrating yourself.
-My son loves Ice Road Truckers as much as I do.
-My chin and jaw look nice even without a beard.
-Discover is perhaps life’s greatest joy.



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