What was different about today? I practiced so much!
-Don’t Blame Me
-Beautiful Love
-Fly Me to the Moon
-Another You
-Tell Me Bedtime Story
-ii-V7-I lick incorporating Db triad
-new two-finger min.7 arpeggio
-min.7b5 arpeggio’s around the cycle (many new shapes)
-major scales with a chromatic line on the high E-string
-cool funk progression using 2nd inversion min.7 to closed voice min.9 chord, and then a new aug.7 chord voicing. All chords share a root on the 4th string. Also, I realized a bit late that the new dom.7+ chord is really the same form. Only the root is different.

One problem with my practice session was maybe spending more effort and concentration on technique than tunes.




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