Two years at this company and I’m about to go postal. Last week I was not included in a group that visited our largest clients back home, which would have given me an opportunity to get to know more about the market and people I’m supposed to be supporting. Instead I’m stuck here in this tower translating letters for monolingual yes-men, and alienating clients by chasing invoices which have already been paid. Being denied this opportunity causes me to wonder what my prospects for promotion are. Since I started here, I’ve been asked to do jobs that nobody really seems to care about, or maybe even want me to fail. Others that have started at the same time or later than me have been promoted. Is it racism? This would be very difficult to prove or be compensated for in a country that doesn’t seem to understand what that is. Until now I’ve been patient, but I’m starting to feel that the last two years have been a waste. Obviously I’m better suited for a different type of work in a different type of environment, but I don’t want to leave here without achieving something first. The problem is I’ve reached a new level of de-motivation and cynicism that puts me on the verge of tears several times a day.



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