Fringes of a global market peripherally extending to Japan allow a guitar-geek like me can to have many absurd adventures. I will attempt to summarize:

1. I pulled two OEM Dimarzio pickups out of my old Epiphone Les Paul from high school to sell on Yahoo! Auction, Japan’s answer to eBay (which failed here.) One found bidders right away, but the other didn’t attract much interest, despite name-dropping Paul Gilbert in the description. So I posted on a gear-recycling community in a social networking site, mixi. Apparently, this community has rather strict rules about multi-posting and someone sent me a warning. Within an hour, a had I removed the post but someone had already reported my OTHER item on Yahoo! as being in violation of their rules. Ironically, I sold that item and even got a response before removing my post from mixi, but didn’t sell. That’s ok though, because eventually it will sell on Yahoo.

2. Almost 15 years ago, I got this great Hughes & Kettner preamp but lost the AC adapter and damaged some knobs. It’s now discontinued and being such a brillant example of German engineering, the dimensions and specifications of these components are such that they are nearly impossible to replace, so it has been mothballed for about the last 10 years. This month I brought it back after a trip home, but after an exhaustive search of Akihabara turned up nothing, I had to go to the source. After zero response from US customer support, I contacted the North American and Japanese distributors. Both replied, and offered me a replacement AC adaptor for $50 (!) and $5 per control pot. I feel it’s worth it if I can use this thing again. It really is the SHITE!



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