Yawn! What a great Wednesday night. Things really could have gone a lot worse in terms of my playing, and gear I supposed. The biggest problem was my main instrument cable cutting out. This is the Belden cable that I’ve considered to be the most reliable for the last few years, but last night it betrayed me mid-song. I lucky to keep connected by stepping on the end plugged into my Barber Tonepress. If I can’t fix it, I have no qualms with replacing it with a new one. This was probably the most reliable, and best sounding cable I ever used.

The other problem was coarse strings. I should have gotten another can Fast Fret, instead those wet-napkins Ernie Ball calls string cleaner and then sells for $8. Even better would be Dr. Kyser’s string cleaner, but it is almost impossible to find in stores here. This may be due to the fact that it stinks, squeeks, looks like jism and is not easy to apply without making a mess. A more lustrous, less coarse brand of strings might help, too. I’ve got my eye on Thomastik-Infeld’ Flat 12-50 set which has a bit lighter A, D, and G strings than the GHS Precious Flats on the guitar now. There’s also their Bright Flats and D’angelico to try on this guitar.




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