Messing with your setup two days before a debut gig is not a good idea. Compared with Sunday’s marathon rehearsal, last night’s spot check was a disaster. My new guitar sounded totally different with new, heavier strings and a brass pick. I also had some problems because I ran my delay through the effects loop of the Roland JC-120 in the studio.

Even though it eats about one 9V battery per day, the Line6 Echo Park didn’t sound bad in the loop per se, but was dancing all over the cables trying to keep clear of the PA column behind my right ear, and some of them got yanked out. And sure enough, a blast of painful feedback stunned me and will probably added to the damage done by years of concerts, clubs and poorly designed and maintaned Japanese shopping bicycles.

I can restore my pick and signal chain, but there’s not time to buy and restring my guitar between now and my gig tonight! I just hope that the old adage of a bad dress rehearsal leading to good performance is true. Relax, have fun and don’t take it too seriously, Adam “cuz if it ain’t fun, it can’t get serious.” (Phil Upchurch)



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