By the end of Friday’s rehearsal, my effects chain had been reduced from four to two stompboxes because my wah became microphonic, and the Behringer Amp Modeler just sounded like crap with GB10. I guess that the pickups are too hot to get a clean sound out of it, even on the lowest setting. The guitar sounds complex and agressive enough that I don’t need a box like that to add additional color and dirt (which means that I should probably get some more new pickups for my G&L Legacy. )

However, I DO need to either fix my wah, or get a new one. Replacing the switch and pot will be a start. I’ve been intending to do that for years anyway, and I’ve had this pedal for 16. Actually, the best experience I had with a wah was probably a Morley that I borrowed from a friend. Coming back to what is becoming the fundamental theme of this blog, the DESIGN is really superior so the sound should be, too.



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