It’s not that I didn’t have time to practice this week, but I was actually too sick! You always have to push yourself to practice though, even with a guitar as nice as my lady. Last night after shedding a bit on Donna Lee and dabbling in various shades of blues, I restrung her with D’aquisto flatwounds (11-48). The heavier strings feel better, but the low-E in this set was another dud, like the A-string in the last set I bought for my Gibson Es-125. That’s what it sounded like when you pluck it: DUD. The intonation was WAAAAAY sharp, too.

It sounded better after I swapped it for the same gauge low-E (D’addario) on the Gibson, and then went DUD on the Gibson, too. I’m not willing to accept this as a coincidence, and think this D’aquisto must have some major quality control issues. But hey, when your brand is the only one of two (the other being D’addario) sold in every music store in every mall and shopping center in the civilized world, you don’t actually need to make GOOD strings. You just need to make more to put on the shelves, right? (For alternatives, try

I already knew I didn’t like this brand. I just didn’t realize that I hated it until last night. The only reason they’re on this guitar is because a new set came with it as a gift. I’ll be replacing them with a GHS set soon. This guitar actually sounded really nice with roundwounds, so I’ll be trialing different string brands to find the brightest set of flats on the market. The only thing brighter than GHS is probably D’angelico, but these start to go out of tune after about a week. As a general rule, I would say stay away from any brand of string that begins with D-apostrophe.



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