Oh, man. On my way home from city hall, I stopped at a guitar botique on Koshu-Kaido. It’s the closest instrument shop near me, the next being Yamano Gakki which I fucking hate. There was the nicest archtop sitting there in a corner. I played it and realized that the instrument I’ve been using for the last 5 years in inferior. It looked niced, played better, sounded better, had a louder acoustic tone, and better design in so far as it was a traditional one with f-holes and a set neck.
The things I like about my guitar are it’s acoustic tone, natural finish, paisley soundhole, and bolt-on neck, but the guitar doesn’t seem to work. That’s why I’m always modifying it, and trying different string brands and gauges. The trouble is that I’m actually pretty sentimental when it comes to guitars. When I got my Tacoma, it wasn’t quite what I expected and so I conceeded that I would need to adapt my technique to the guitar. It was never an ideal instrument though, and I’m definitely outgrowing it, but how do I affort a 700,000 yen guitar?




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