No sooner than I brought my guitar to my repair guy to have a new pickup installed than I realize that I can’t stand the pickups on my other guitar either. For the last 13 years, I suppose I’ve been just tolerating the bridge pickup on my G&L Legacy, probably because I like the other two, especially when together out-of-phase in positions 2 and 4. They sounded so funky and clear.

These days they just sound weak to me. Once I replaced them with a set of Van Zandt’s which were too hot and thick. So I went back to the stock Seymour Duncans. Around the same time, I had a Roland GK-2A synth wart mounted as well. The hex pickup wouldn’t fit between the bridge and the rear pickup, so the solution my repair guy came up with was to move the entire pickguard forward a few milimeters.

This actually had a subtle but unpleasant effect on the sound, but since I had just acquired my Tacoma archtop, my strat became my back-up axe, so I wasn’t overly concerned with this. Now that my archtop is in the shop, I’m playing my Legacy again. Last night while I was trying out a V-stack it was just unbearable though. There was a second note, just slightly sharp whenever I picked hard that caused a harsh warbling.

It wasn’t the first time I noticed it, but I had previously thought it was my amp which was just repaired. I thought the repair people fucked it up somehow, but after hearing the same problem through a different preamp, I realized it must be the pickup. Lowering the pickup away from the strings solved the problem, but it sounds even weaker now. I was planning on getting a new pickguard to restore the guitar to it’s original condition, but I think I’ll need new pickups, too.



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