There was a time when I was living at my Dad’s co-op in Jersey when I had no car, no friends, no job, and no connections to score. I stopped brushing my teeth. The crack of my ass got dry and started itching. All I had was my family, a buggy eMac, and my guitars.

Eventually I started writing about this anti-lifestyle on Xanga. Nobody was reading until one day I decided to quit my job at Vonage, and go back to Tokyo where my friends, Scott bicycle, cat, and Mesa/Boogie Studio .22 amplifier had been left behind six-months prior.

My blind nationalism had duped me into leaving behind my life for vauge concepts (for me anyway) like family, nationality, career, cultural currency, language proficiency. At the time, I smugly called it: re-Americanization.

According to my friend JJ, who lived with me in Tokyo, it would take a year to re-Americanize. Fortunately my mother made me realize what a stupid idea re-Americanizing was if I had been happy elsewhere. Besides, the country I came back to in 2004 was different from the one I left in 1998.

Soon after arriving back in Tokyo, my girlfriend and I concieved a baby-boy and decided to keep him. I wrote about that on my blog, but no one was reading anymore. So I jumped to livejournal, where nobody is reading either. Is anybody reading here?



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